Designed by practitioners for practitioners.

Organizing and targeting experts developed WinPoint to help advocacy clients optimize strategic data to make more informed decisions resulting in better outcomes.

Smart data grows social movement.

WinPoint brings new insights to advocacy and organizing. WinPoint allows users to practice a data-driven approach to their work, combining the perspectives of lobbyists and policy professionals with organizing, advocacy, and civic engagement work.

Building a different type of social enterprise.

  • We center racial and gender equity in our work, investments, interactions and relationships.
  • We foster a climate of learning and discussion.
  • We aspire to disrupt the way advocacy is traditionally done.
What People are Saying
WinPoint is an exciting and powerful tool that allowed us to bring the same data and analytics traditionally used in political campaigns to our legislative work. On the Minnesota same sex marriage legislative campaign, WinPoint gave us a real-time understanding of our strategic priorities and capacity and created an unprecedented cohesion between our lobbying and grassroots efforts. By tracking contact with legislators and monitoring progress over the legislative session WinPoint enabled us to practice data-driven grassroots advocacy and lobbying.
Josh Nussbaum, Former Field Director, Minnesotans United for All Families, Founder of the Movement Collaborative
Our organization began using the first version of WinPoint in 2013, making us one of the tool’s oldest and longest- running users. The early version played a significant role in guiding Conservation Minnesota’s long-term power building efforts. The data-driven analytical approach shapes the way we approach advocacy, organizing, and the geographies we’re investing in. We use WinPoint year-round, seamlessly linking our long terms strategy with legislative organizing with our field work.
Paul Austin, Executive Director, Conservation Minnesota
I’ve had the pleasure of working with WinPoint and watching it grow into the platform it is today. It’s refreshing to work with a business that is committed to leveraging data and technology for communities of concern. By empowering users to increase capacity, build power, and secure meaningful wins, this product is going to change the game when it comes to organizing and advocacy.
Jamaa Bickley King, Consultant
WinPoint has had an incredible impact on how we understand our internal capacity and make data-driven decisions about our investments. With this tool, we’ve been pushed to quantify aspects of our organizational capacity that have typically been left to personal preference and individual judgement. The targeting process pushed key stakeholders to identify what we value and prioritize most, while also helping us think critically about bringing our theory of change to life. It is a joy to recount for colleagues, partners, and funders the thoughtful, data-driven process we took in order to identify our priority geographies because I’m so proud of the level of detail and hard work that went into this process. The new interface is easy to navigate and comes with map visualizations that are critical for visual learners like myself. I cannot recommend this product enough.
Sarah Friedman, Climate Program Manager, National Audubon Society
I'm excited about WinPoint! I appreciate their intentionality around building their business through an equity lens and I think the platform itself will help level the playing field for organizations working on social justice issues. We have to start doing things differently across the progressive world and WinPoint can help.
Sujata Tejwani, Founder, Sujata Strategies

Product & Pricing

WinPoint empowers users to combine their own internal data with external data we provide to score every legislative district (state or federal) based on how strategically important districts are on your issues and how much capacity you have to effect change in those districts. Once scores are set, you can use WinPoint, and all the data collected in the platform, to select and prioritize geographic targets for your organizing, movement-building or legislative advocacy work. WinPoint is also a powerful evaluative tool that allows organizations to monitor and tracks efforts to increase their capacity and effectiveness over time.

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Who We Are

Tanya Brown
Tanya Brown, CEO, WinPoint

Tanya N. Brown is a program and product leader. Brown has a BA in Political Science and Public Administration from Elon University in North Carolina where she was a Leadership Fellow. She also has a Master of Applied Politics from the University of Akron in Ohio. Brown specializes in helping organizations use data to meet advocacy, electoral, and organizing goals. She developed her expertise working for Washington, DC-based organizations such as AARP national headquarters, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and Catalist—a data management company servicing national organizations. When she’s not following politics, this proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. loves all genres of music, college football, basketball, women’s lacrosse, the beach and a good comedy. Brown resides with her teenage daughter and elementary-age son (both of whom keep her on her toes) in Charleston, South Carolina.

Marvin Steele
Marvin Steele, Vice President of Sales and Customer Success, WinPoint

Marvin is WinPoint’s Vice-President of Client Services and Business Strategy. Marvin is a dynamic and well-respected leader with over 15 years of experience in advocacy, government relations, campaign strategy and public affairs. He has worked in the U.S Congress, for the American Red Cross and on several political campaigns. Marvin has successfully communicated and advanced legislative initiatives on behalf of the organizations he has represented. Furthermore, he has built scalable strategies and programs resulting in successful outcomes as a policy advocate, lobbyist, campaign strategist and legislative aide.

Marvin is most proud of the two outstanding women in his life. His partner Kate Chapek is a well-known political strategist whose career achievements include serving as the National Women’s Vote Director for President Barack Obama 2012 and his uber precocious 8-year-old daughter Sinatra, an avid Legos builder and the self-proclaimed next Kate McKinnon.

Dan Cramer, Founder, WinPoint

Dan created the first version of WinPoint over ten years ago working with clients at Grassroots Solutions, the purposeful engagement firm that he also helped found. Dan’s current focus is on innovation and developing new products, tools and models for engagement, organizing and advocacy work. He has been at Grassroots Solutions for 19 years and prior to that held a number of leadership roles for U.S Senator Paul Wellstone, served as Executive Assistant to Minnesota House Speaker Phil Carruthers, worked as a government affairs attorney for Gray, Plant, Mooty, organized an anti-drug coalition in Chicago, and worked as a scooper for Baskin and Robbins.

Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson, Advisor, WinPoint

Anne is the managing principal at Grassroots Solutions, overseeing firm strategy and operations. She also maintains an active client portfolio and focuses on increasing participation for those who are traditionally underrepresented in the political and advocacy processes.

Previously, Anne was the executive director at Generation Progress, the youth arm of the Center for American Progress. In that role, she created some of the nation’s most successful millennial-focused campaigns, including It’s On Us, a national effort to stop sexual assault. Anne has worked with progressive organizations, think tanks, labor unions and political parties in Canada, Belgium, India, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States to develop grassroots engagement programs for electoral and issue-based campaigns.

Anne got her start in politics on Paul Wellstone’s 2002 campaign, where she fell in love with organizing. When not working, she can be found hanging out at her cabin in Red Wing, Minnesota with her family.

Sujata Tejwani image
Sujata Tejwani, Founder, Sujata Strategies

WinPoint Advisory Board Member

Jamaa Bickley-King
Jamaa Bickley King, Consultant, co-founder, President and Chairman of the Board of New Virginia Majority, Data, Technology and Program Architect of the 2012 NAACP Engagement Program

WinPoint Advisory Board Member

josh nussbaum
Josh Nussbaum, Founder, The Movement Cooperative

WinPoint Advisory Board Member

jen alstad
Jen Alstad, CEO & Founder, bswing, inc.

WinPoint Advisory Board Member

Rinal Ray
Rinal Ray, Director of Systems Change and Community Engagement, People Serving People

Advisory Board Member

Ali Webb
Ali Webb, Consultant and Former State Director MI Programing, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

WinPoint Advisory Board Member


What does “disrupting” traditional advocacy mean? Winpoint shakes up the way advocacy is traditionally done by allowing users to actually practice a data-driven approach, gain new insights beyond the limited perspectives of lobbyists and political professionals. The platform helps maximize your resources, and assists organizations and coalitions in sharing data and strategically linking their advocacy, civic engagement and electoral work.

Can C3s use WinPoint? Yes, why limit the sophisticated use of data and analytics to the electoral and corporate worlds?

Who built WinPoint and do they care about social change? WinPoint was built in a collective effort by individuals who have spent over 20 years working in the progressive advocacy space.

Do I need to be a data expert to use WinPoint? Not at all. WinPoint’s user friendly and intuitive interface makes it an accessible products for a wide range of individuals, from newbies to data-experts!

Why would I use WinPoint when legislators are not in session? WinPoint can be used year-round to seamlessly link your shorter term legislative goals with long term strategy. In factWinPoint was designed to help inform long-term power building efforts by helping organizations recognize patterns, opportunities and weaknesses so that they can acting smarter on their advocacy and organizing strategies.

How can WinPoint help me in my long term power building efforts? WinPoint increases long-term power building efforts by helping organizations recognize patterns, opportunities and weaknesses so that they can acting smarter on their advocacy and organizing strategies.

What do you mean when you say you are building this business through an equity lens? At WinPoint, we seek to apply an equity lens to all aspects of goals, strategy, decision-making, pricing, staffing, processes, relationships, measures of success, and culture. This means we want our business to be made of multi-racial ownership, it means staff leadership and outside advisors are majority people of color, and that money spent on vendors and consultants will be done so predominantly with non-white/non-male led firms or organizations.

Can foundations purchase WinPoint for the organizations they fund? Absolutely.